Big news: Many Big bank are going to shut down


Big news: Many big bank are going to shut down, if you own these accounts in these banks …

Nowadays, there is hardly any person in the life whose banks account is not correct and also the bank account gives any support to any person, but today we have brought such a news related to your banks account for you. You will be surprised by reading it.

Let us tell you that only 12 government banks will be left in the country and the rest will be included in this banks, tell you some time ago, SBI merged its 5 associate banks and it has been quite successful. On the lines of this, the banks are once again merged.

Let us tell you that in the first phase, the number of existing 21 existing government banks is going up with the idea of ​​reducing 12, and in the first phase, it will also be seen that the merger of banks using the same type of technology (IT Infrastructure) Open the way There will be no problem in merging these banks in this manner and the process of linking the bank will be completed soon. The government says that only 5 or 6 banks are needed in the country.

Let the central government work fast on the agenda of consolidation to create large banks of 3-4 global levels. This is disclosed by a government official himself. According to the officer, in the medium term, 21 government banks will be consolidated and 10-12 banks will be created.

The govt. create a biggest banks (India) in the next Some Time of consolidate by Canara Bank BSE to take over smaller lenders Vijaya Bank BSE  and Dena BankBSE “Discussions are on between banks. There is a possibility that first Vijaya and Dena merge, before being taken over by Canara Bank,” a senior government official told ET.

Canara Bank is the fourth-biggest banks by market capitalisation behind SBI,  and BOB